What is Faith Promise Sunday?
Faith Promise is an opportunity for the congregation of First United Methodist Church to go the extra mile in sharing Christ’s love with others.  Each year the congregation is given the opportunity to help support various missions and minstries in Franklin County, Tennessee and around the world. Obviously we are able to do some of these things through our regular giving and church udgt but many years ago the congregation decided it needed to do more and could do more.  Thus the idea of Faith Promis was born. Annually in the fall we invite the congregation to make a “Promise” based on “Faith” to go above and beyond their normal giving to help support missions
Next sunday we will be given a Faith Promise card and we will be invited to fill it out and at the end of the service place it on the communion table or rail.  The mission committee will receive a tally of these cards and the funds will be used over the next twelve months.  This is a “PROMISE” in that it is between the individual and God.  NO one will receive a written reminder.  It is a Promise based on Faith.  Please not below some of the areas that have been supported in the past years.  We encourage you to prayerfully consider this with your family during the coming week.  Please do no confuse Faith Promise with your regula Tithes and Offerings estimate of giving which will occur in October.
Almost Home                                                                  Funeral Meals
Pregnancy Crisis Center                                                Kairos Prison Ministry
Good Samaritan                                                            Wesley Preschool
Blue Monarch                                                                 American Red Cross
Drug Court                                                                     Backpack Program
School Back Bag Project                                               Operation Christmas Child
Youth Missions                                                              Shepherd’s House
FC Re-entry                                                                   Southern Volunteers in Medicine
Salvation Army                                                              Emergency Funds for Individuals
Christmas Clothes Project                                             UMCOR Disasters
Stipends for mission trips                                              Bishop’s Requests
Family matters                                                               Golden Cross
Fellowship of Christian Athletes                                     Wings of Hope Widows Ministry